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Tuition Fees

For 2017-2018

Making a World Class Education Affordable for Every Student!

Authentic International Academy wants to make it as easy as possible for all parents to be able to afford a quality education for their child. Many have dreamed of being able to send their child to private school only to be affronted by exorbitant tuition costs. Currently, average private school tuition in Gwinnett County, GA is $8,047 for elementary schools and $8,803 for high schools.  That's over $800 per month! See how AIA is making it possible for your child to receive the education you want and they deserve!

Primary/Secondary Tuition

one time Enrollment Fee - $125

Part Time Enrollment (3 days per week) - $375 per month

Full Time Enrollment (5 days per week) - $415 per month

Preschool Tuition

one time Enrollment Fee - $125

Half Day Program (8:30 Am - 1:00 PM) - $350 per month

Full Day program (8:30 AM - 3:00 pm) - $415 per month