2017-2018 School Supply List


Personal Bible (King James Version)



Pencils (2 required always) (Mechanical pencils may be used for 4th grade and up)

Large Eraser

Standard notebook paper

Box/Cup/Can to hold pencils – 1st grade and up

Magazine holder (to hold PACES in office) – 1st grade and up

12” ruler



Crayons or colored pencils (Upper Level may also bring markers)

Graph paper (for Math – 5th grade and up)

Compass and Protractor (7th grade and up)

Calculator for 7th grade and up (Texas Instrument TI-30X IIs or better)

1 Ream (500 sheets) of printer/copier paper

Large Kleenex

Pack of napkins

Plastic silverware (spoons and forks)

Paper plates (microwave friendly)

2 bottles of hand soap

2 bottles of hand sanitizer